Sustainable Networks, Environmental Sensing and non-Telecom Applications

Managed by

Jean-François Baget, ASN & Mei Du, Tata Communications


This category includes topics that are increasingly important to the submarine industry, such as: sustainable networks, sensing, and non-telecom applications. Subsea cables are part of global infrastructure that not only provides connectivity, but it also facilitates broad cross-industry collaborations and takes part on environmental and social responsibility. Authors are encouraged to explore technological advances both in hardware and software, applications, crossindustry approaches, etc.


“Having the opportunity to chair this category is a highly motivating challenge for us. This domain of subsea technology applications has seen tremendous developments during the last years. While SMART cable technology is becoming a reality, advances in fibre sensing is bringing a large set of solutions for many applications. Following the increasing focus of our communities on carbon footprint reduction and eco-friendly practices, we all have the duty to explore all possible solutions to make our industry less impacting to our planet, and we are looking forward to more initiatives to be shared during the conference. In addition, we expect to see different examples on how the submarine optical technology is contributing to the blue economy”.

Subjects that can be addressed include, but are not limited to:

  • Renewable energy in telecoms networks and Green initiatives for marine operations
  • Energy efficiency methodologies and strategies for carbon footprint reduction and carbon footprint improvement in cable landing stations/pops/data centers
  • Submarine cable decommissioning and recycling
  • Technology advances in fibre sensing for submarine Networks
  • Sensing applications from enhancing network efficiency to detecting anomalies in real time
  • Innovations and Applications of using subsea infrastructure as environmental sensor network. Synergies between different sources of data
  • Considerations for large-scale implementation of subsea sensing and societal benefits to be expected
  • Ocean Observatories and SMART cables
  • Applications for Offshore energy and other subsea industrial assets.
  • Technologies and product for Oil and Gas market. Offshore Platform connectivity and how to combine with telecom network. Emerging Special Markets for O&G and other offshore energy applications
  • Asset protection systems using subsea optical cables.
  • Undersea Scientific infrastructures, security etc.