Spellman High Voltage Electronics Ltd


Spellman High Voltage is the leading independent supplier of Power Feed Equipment (PFE) to the Telecom industry. Our land-based, shipborne, and portable PFE is used to power submarine fibre optic cable repeaters for cable landing stations (CLS), during cable laying and repair operations.  

LAND (PFE-HV & PFE-LV):  5kV to 18kV systems are deployed globally depend on Spellman's high reliability, redundancy and robust systems for maximum uptime.  

SEA (PFE-SB): 6kV to 20kV systems are the preferred choice of cableship builders and owners.  

PORTABLE (PFE-P): 4kV & 6kV versions provides the consistent, reliable, and safe high voltage power in a compact footprint.