Telecom Egypt

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As one of the largest subsea cables operators in the region, Telecom Egypt will help you extend your network and reach to global destinations. As a perfectly centralized location in the heart of the world, Egypt has always served and will always serve, as a critical international hub for global communication network connecting Africa, Asia and Europe. 

Telecom Egypt has over 160 years history serving its customers in Egypt, in the region and beyond, using state of the art technology, reliable infrastructure solutions and a wide network of submarine cables. 

By continuously progressing its infrastructure and connectivity, offering more resiliency, diversity and protection, Telecom Egypt now owns and operates 10 subsea landing stations which are all connected over 10 diversified terrestrial crossing routes. Telecom Egypt connects 12 subsea cable systems from the East and 14 from the West, and is continuously serving and investing in more new ones with 2Africa, Africa-1, SEA-ME-WE-6, Equiano, IEX, Medusa  and  EMIC-1 on the way. Our crossing routes are growing with our newest routes subsea festoon link which connects Ras Ghareb, Zaafaran and Suez. In addition to ICE crossing spanning along the Suez Canal between Port Said and Suez. 

The company is aggregating its existing and planned projects to offer end-to-end connectivity to Africa and connect both its east and west coasts to Europe via its new subsea system, the Hybrid African Ring Path (HARP), which will contribute to digitalisation across the continent.  

The sky is the limit to what Telecom Egypt can offer the international community. 

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